It starts with a God given Love and Passion for His people.

The heartbeat of End Slavery Georgia is truly the heartbeat of Christ. We love people because Christ first loved us. We are to be a light in the darkness, a helping hand, a friendly voice, a comforting hug and a support for one another. We believe that we are called to help one another by showing the love of Christ, not by condemning or judging, but by simply being there to help.

You may choose to look the
other way but you can
never say again that you
did not know.
-William Wilberforce

And so it begins...

End Slavery Georgia’s story begins with a frail, scared, twenty-year-old girl found hiding in a church parking lot one evening as a group of ladies gathered for dinner.  Her only request, “Can I sleep in the parking lot tonight? I feel safe here.” Needless to say, it broke the heart of every woman there. They brought her in, fed her and took her to the home of one of the women in the group for an overnight stay. That stay extended to over a year with that family. Early on we learned that the young lady had been rescued by an organization in Atlanta from a home where she had been held for six months and trafficked for sex multiple times a night, every day of the week. She was addicted to alcohol and meth. To look at her was to see someone completely broken with no hope for her future. She explained why she struggled with the alcohol now that she was physically free from the situation. “I drink because when I am sober I can’t stand being aware of the person I am.” She felt no love, no hope. She did not want to die, but she did not want to live either. It was truly heartbreaking.

Founding End Slavery Georgia

During the year of helping the young lady with multiple hospitalizations, illnesses, emotional trauma, etc., a passion to do something more for these survivors emerged. That passion soon turned into a plan. In April of 2016, End Slavery Georgia was formed.

Today ESGA is active throughout the state providing training for law enforcement, the medical community, civic organizations, churches and other organizations on the plight of sex trafficking. Many partnerships have been formed with addiction recovery and mental health facilities, medical facilities, sexual assault centers, churches, businesses and other organizations to help provide survivors with the help they need. Progress is underway with the buildout of Safe Houses to be home to the survivors for 12 to 18 months while they are receiving help. The staff and volunteers of End Slavery Georgia are committed to the fight against sex trafficking, the restoration of all survivors and giving hope to the hopeless of a brighter future.

Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created.
-Esther 4:14